classroom Raquel Bartz, MD Lawrence Crawford, MD Mitchel Krieger, MD Victor Palli

The MMCi program is the only interdisciplinary management program of its kind in the United States — leveraging Duke’s world-renowned track record in medicine, business, and health informatics.

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"Because of my MMCi knowledge, I have consulted on IT related grants, helped with a hospital throughput project, and am trying to design a provider to patient communication portal for transplant patients."

-Raquel Bartz, MD DUMC
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"I found that [my classmates'] way of thinking and problem solving was far different from mine and thus made for a great mix in the group discussions and projects."

-Lawrence Crawford, MD, Cardiologist DUHS
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"The MMCi program provided me the tools to successfully transition my career from clinical practice to informatics leadership."

-Mitchel Krieger, MD, FACS, MMCi
Associate CIO, Cleveland Clinic
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"MMCi leadership has defined a program that provides the tactical as well as the strategic depth and the knowledge needed to handle the challenges of Healthcare IT."

-Victor Palli
Lead Associate, Booz Allen Hamilton
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The Master of Management in Clinical Informatics – Bringing Business Innovation to Health Care